An ambitious tiefling, whose blood courses with power



The blood of Mephistopheles flows through my veins. The power of the Lords of the Nine is mine to command, mine to use. I am a prince among demons, and a king among mortals. I am Akmenor, and the power of Cania is at my fingertips. My power comes partly from my father, and partly from Asmodeus. He gave me immense power in return for a sliver of my soul, which he keeps in a jeweled case.

I will revive the ancient tiefling empire of Bael Turath, you see if I do not. I was shunned by society, but no more. Akmenor, son of Mephistopheles, will raise the ancient empire of Bael Turath. I will be in a society where I am reveled in, as a king, an a prince. I am Akmenor, son of Mephistopheles, the raiser of Bael Turath.

I am the Infernal Prince.


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