Strange tentacled abominations have been attacking the people of Jedborough, a village near the valley known as the Chaos Scar. These horrific creatures have kidnapped many, most recently a group of merchants traveling in a caravan. Little is known about the fate of these unfortunates but the town is distraught, and shrouded in a pall of fear.

Marrion Altstaff the Unpredictable is a notable sorcerer whose specializes in wild magic; he has sensed the energy given off by powerful crystals, and has come to the conclusion that there must be a connection to the Far Realm inside. Called warp crystals by the races of the Underdark, these strange luminous crystals normally grow in areas with a strong connection to the Far Realm. The strange properties of warp crystal strengthen creatures from the Far Realm while weakening those native to other planes of existence. He believes that the energy is radiating from a location in the Chaos Scar, a set of spiral caves known as the Tainted Spiral, and asks you to investigate and discern the source of the energy. As Gravemont is his as close to a son as Marrion ever had, he offers 150 gold pieces for the completion of this task, along with the use of his permanent teleportation circle in his tower near the Scar. In addition, he will gladly pay another 60 gold pieces for a sample of warp crystal if you bring him some.

As you leave to investigate, you are approached by a young elven woman named Ardia Ironleaf. She is the daughter of Tarthias Ironleaf, the head of a small but profitable elven trading company that deals exclusively in fine, elven weapons. Tarthias has not returned from his last trading expedition, and tales of terrible, tentacled monsters attacking travelers has Ardia very worried, especially since Tarthias’ trade route takes him close to the King’s
Wall. Ardia asks the you to find her father, and if her worst fears are true, to return his signet ring to her. She offers you 120 gold pieces and a 15% discount on any goods sold by the Ironleaf Trading Company if you can discover the fate of her father.

The Tainted Spiral

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